The big move – part 1

February 16, 2010 at 19:07 Leave a comment

The packing guys (Peter, Lucas, Michael and Charles)  from the relocation company descended on us today, and set to work. Amazing how much four men packing in accord can achieve in 6 hours – two-thirds of our house contents are packed in boxes, the rest will follow tomorrow.

Michael packing up the kitchen

At the end of the day, we are now left with a huge amount of boxes, a very confused cat, a cat that loves playing amongst boxes and a cat that does not give a damn. The dogs were allowed to stay inside, and made sure all the right things were packed, and their beds and food were not touched. I for my part was still sorting stuff, making sure that what needs to go was packed, and what is to stay behind, stays and is not packed by mistake.

The living room - not very livable anymore

Thankfully, we still had a kitchen table and two chairs tonight, so there was supper, albeit take-aways… .

The kitchen - all boxes... .

Katharina's room by midday

The beds will stay behind, so at least we don’t have to sleep on the floor tonight.

I doubt the packing guys are looking forward to doing the study tomorrow – there is a lot of stuff packed into very little space. And lots of cables that need to be removed… .


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