The big move – part 1 ctd

February 17, 2010 at 19:11 Leave a comment

Everything (ok, nearly everything – there are a few odds and ends and bits and pieces left) is now in boxes. 142 of them, to be exact. Some of them standard boxes, some of the custom made. It was impressive watching these guys at work  – and apparently they’ve were voted “best packing team” of the company two years in a row.

We are exhausted simply from watching them… .

Katharina's bed - all boxed in

We had to borrow a folding table and folding chairs from friends, as the very effective packing team packed our patio table and chairs that were supposed to be left behind. Never mind, I am sure we will use it on the other side as well. We might still be able to use the kitchen table – if we take care of the packaging around it, but it is a bit difficult to find chairs.

The artfully wrapped kitchen table

Boxes, boxes, boxes

The packing crew will be back again tomorrow morning to finish the job, and then the container arrives… . They estimate they will have everything loaded within two hours – let’s see how they do.


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