Sommer? / Summer?

June 24, 2012 at 15:56 5 comments

Obwohl Mitte der Woche Sommeranfang war, ist von Sommer nicht viel zu spueren. Das Wetter ist recht durchwachsen, und Sonne, Wolken und Regen wechseln sich taeglich ab. Heute ist mal wieder Regenwetter angesagt. Dabei ist es allerdings einigermassen warm (wenn man den 19 Grad als warm bezeichnen kann), so dass sich zumindest ein paar der Pflanzen im Beet (und das Unkraut!) freuen.

Middle of last week was summer solstice, and thus the beginning of summer. So far, there has not really been summer, as the weather is rather variable, with sun, clouds and rain changing on a daily basis. Today, we have rain again. It is still quite warm (if 19 degrees can be considered warm), so at least a few plants in the vegetable bed are content (and the weeds!)

Salat und Erbsen bescheren uns bei diesem Wetter eine reiche Ernte, der Rest will nicht so recht.

Lettuce and peas do really well in this weather, and we have a plentiful harvest.

Von den vielen Stangenbohnensamen, die ich gelegt habe, haben es bisher nur 4 Pflanzen geschafft. Heute habe ich nochmal einen Anlauf gemacht, und Bohnen gelegt. Allerdings habe ich sie nicht direkt ins Beet gelegt, sondern ziehe sie erstmal in Toepfchen vor, und pflanze sie dann raus, wenn sie die entsprechende Groesse haben. Ich hoffe, so kommen dann ein paar mehr durch.

Of the many runner bean seeds I planted, only 4 plants have emerged so far. Today, I sowed some more runner beans. But not directly into the vegetable bed, but into little pots. I will then transplant them as soon as the seedlings are big enough. I hope a few more plants will survive that way.

Mit dem Musterpullover geht es voran – das Rueckenteil ist fertig, das Vorderteil und ein Aermel sind in Arbeit. Allerdings muss noch die Entscheidung getroffen werden, ob es nun ein V-Ausschnitt (wie im Original) oder ein Rundhalsausschnitt werden soll. Aber bis dahin sind noch ein paar Tage Zeit. Vorgenommen habe ich mir, dass der Pullover bis zum naechsten Wochenende fertig werden soll. Mal sehen, ob ich das schaffe.

I am moving forward with the patterned sweater. I finished the back part, and am currently working on the front and one sleeve. The decision, how the neck should be shaped is still outstanding – V-neck (as in the original pattern) or crew neck?  But there is still some time until this decision has to be made. However, I have planned to finish the sweater by next weekend – let’s see whether I can really do this.


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Die verstrickte Dienstagsfrage 26/2012

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  • 1. silverbells2012  |  June 25, 2012 at 10:21

    I never used to buy lettuce as it seemed such a waste of money but now that I have discovered how easy it is to grow, I do eat lots of it! I hope it warms up for you – supposed to be 21ºC in London so there is some hope for it elsewhere.

    • 2. streepie  |  June 25, 2012 at 11:21

      It is slowly warming up for us – there is 29 degrees forcast for Thursday!

      I have always eaten lots of lettuce. I grow different kinds of it, and they all taste slightly different, and do have different textures.

      • 3. silverbells2012  |  June 25, 2012 at 11:35

        The one in your photo looks tasty. I was given a lot of seeds by a friend and it seems a shame to waste them but I will look into different varieties for next year.

      • 4. streepie  |  June 25, 2012 at 11:42

        That’s red oak leaf lettuce. I also grow green oak leaf, butter lettuce, red butter lettuce, roman lettuce and ice berg lettuce.
        The variety you get is amazing. I also have a few that are (supposedly) winter hardy. However, they did not survive the long period of heavy frost we had early this year.

      • 5. silverbells2012  |  June 25, 2012 at 11:44

        Thanks for that list. I have invested in some cloches and so hope that I can try out a few frost hardy varities this winter!

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