Die verstrickte Dienstagsfrage 43/2012

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Noch gut zwei Monate, dann ist Weihnachten. Entsprechend fragt das Wollschaf heute:

Weihnachtsdeko stricken!

Habt ihr euch für dieses Jahr etwas vorgenommen? Da muss man früh genug dran denken, damit das Projekt bis zum Advent auch pünktlich fertig wird…

Vielen Dank an Tiffany für die heutige Frage!

Ich stricke zwar gerne und viel, aber Dekoration gehoert da nicht dazu. Auch Weihnachtsdekoration nicht. Das einzige, was vielleicht zaehlen koennte, ist unser Adventskalender. Den haben Omas und Opa meines Mannes vor 40 Jahren gebastelt, ich habe ihn dann mit kleinen Soeckchen versehen, in die kleine Geschenke und Suessigkeiten gesteckt werden. Und wir besitzen noch ein paar gestrickte Nikolaussocken (die werden statt der Stiefel benutzt).

Auch zum Weihnachtsgeschenke stricken werde ich kaum Zeit haben – aber dafuer habe ich viele zu den Geburtstagen bestrickt.

A bit more than two months to go, and then it’s Christmas. Wollschaf ask accordingly:

Knitted Christmas decorations!

Have you planned to knit anything this year? One needs to start early so it is indeed ready before the advent season* and Christmas…

Thanks to Tiffany!

I like to knit, and I knit a lot, but I stop at knitting decorations. I don’t knit Christmas decorations. Full stop.

The only thing that might count, is our advent calendar**. The grans and grandpa of my husband made it 40 years ago, I added little socks, which can hold small presents and sweets. And we also own some knitted St. Nicolas socks, which are being used instead of boots***.

I will not really have time to knit christmas presents either, but I have been giving a lot of knitted birthday presents.

Some notes for all those unfamiliar with German advent / Christmas traditions:

* In Germany, the advent season (the four weeks before Christmas) is also being celebrated. We make advent wreaths from fir or pine branches, and light candles on the four advent sundays (one for each sunday – one candle on the first sunday, two on the second, and so on). We also make sweets and biscuits that are eaten during the advent season.

** The advent calendar counts down the days to Christmas Eve (24 December), and usually starts on the 1st of December, Many people make their own, especially if there are small children in the house. For each day, there will be some chocolate, or sweets, a picture, a short story or a small present.

*** St Nicolas day is celebrated on the 6th of December. Although this day falls into the Advent period, the celebrations are not related to Christmas. St Nicolas is (amongst other things) the patron saint of children. On the evening before St. Nicolas day, the children will put their boots outside their door, in anticipation of small gifts and sweets (which they receive when they were good during the year). In some regions, he is accompagnied by Knecht Ruprecht, who “punishes” the children who did not behave very well, They will not find sweets in their boots, but rather a rod. St Nicolas usually wears a bishop’s robe and mitra.

**** and an other small note: In the northern and central parts of Germany, Father Christmas brings the Christmas presents. In the southern regions of Germany, it’s the Christkind (Christ Child) who is the bearer of the gifts.

Unser Adventskalender und die Nikolaus-Socken
Our advent calendar and the St Nicolas-Socks


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Farbenfroh / Colourful Tour de Force

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