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Mit ein bisschen Verspätung, die Monatsstatistik für Februar. Strickzeit gab es genug im Februar, vor allem auf den Langstreckenflügen nach und von Australien und Malaysia. Zwischen den Flügen gab es auch noch ein bisschen Strickzeit.

Fertig wurde diesen Monat auch wieder nur ein Teil, diesmal ein Tuch, Drachenfels. Das hatte ich im Juni 2015 angeschlagen, und irgendwann in den “Winterschlaf” geschickt, als mir die endlosen kraus rechts Reihen zuviel wurden. Ich hatte es in Malaysia dabei, und innerhalb von 3 Tagen fertig (Von Malaysia habe ich nicht viel gesehen, nur ein Konferenzentrum). Verbraucht habe ich dafür 231,2 g / 732, 9 m Garn. Aus dem Stash raus gingen 6 9 Knäuel, rein kamen 2.

Ausserdem habe ich noch eine Strickjacke (Calanas) fast fertig, es fehlen nur noch die Vorderblenden und der Reissverschluss. Und das sollte sobald wie möglich geschehen, da die Jacke perfekt für diese Jahreszeit ist.

Die 2. Ausgabe der Emmeleia ist auch fast fertig, es fehlen noch anderthalb Ärmel. Beides sollte idealerweise zum Ende der Woche fertig sein, denn dann geht es in die Schweiz. Auch wieder der Arbeit wegen.

With a bit of delay, the monthly stats for February. I had enough knitting time on long-haul flights to Australia and Malaysia, and some knitting time in between the flights.

This month, I also only finished on item, a shawl – Drachenfels. I had cast on in June  2015, and left it in “hibernation” when the garter stitch rows got to long. I took it with me to Malaysia, and finished it within three days (I did not get to see much of Malaysia, just a convention centre). I used up 231,2 g / 732,9 m of yarn, six nine skeins left my stash, two were added.

In addition, I also knit a cardigan (Calanas), that now only needs zipper facings and a zipper installed. And that should be done ASAP, as this cardigan is perfect for this season. (I have been wearing unfinished 😉 )

My 2. version of Emmeleia is also nearly done, just a sleeve and a half are missing. Ideally, this should be done before the weekend, in time for a trip to Switzerland, also for work.





  1. Calanas by Mona NicLeoid , knit as part of the STSICAL2015. The knitting is done, just a bit of finishing work to do.
  2. Emmeleia by Mona C. NicLeòid. In teal and blue). One and a half sleeves to go.
  3. Simple Socks for my daughter (another pair) – they are now on the needles since February 2015. Time to get them done by February March 2016. Half a sock done.
  4. Stripey blanket, using up some rather old yarn that I inherited

NAPs (needle adjacent projects, ready to be cast on as soon as something else is cast off – thanks to the Stockinette Zombies for this definition)

  1. Cascadian Cardigan – Test knit for Mona. One can never have to many cardigans, right?
  2. Fantomas (I finally settled on a pullover for my husband! To be knit from Coast and Supersoft, held double)

On the radar (high up in my queue)

Actually quite a lot of stuff at the moment – I have kind of re-organised my ravelry queue, but have not prioritised yet ;-), but these are fairly high up in the queue (and all have been swatched for):

  1. 1. It needs two to dance by Regina Moessmer
  2. 2. Another Split top 😉
  3. 3. Another Deco cardigan by Kate Davies

A few impressions from KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre) and the real Kuala Lumpur City Centre, around the Central Market


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