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August 20, 2017 at 15:09 3 comments

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Wir sind zwar schon in der 2. Augusthälfte angelangt, den Eintrag für Juli 2017 will ich aber doch nachtragen. Wegen Urlaubs war ich seit Ende Juli mehr oder weniger offline, zudem hat mein Mobiltelefon beschlossen, einen Tauchgang im Hundewassernapf durchführen zu müssen. Es funktioniert aber wieder (einigermassen)… .

Viel zu berichten gibt es aber auch nicht, da der Juli ein sehr arbeitsreicher Monat war, und nur wenig Zeit zum Stricken blieb. Und auch im Garten hat sich nicht viel getan, das Wetter war doch recht wechselhaft.

Ich habe es aber trotzdem geschafft, ein Oberteil zu stricken – nochmal  Call it Spring, und habe dabei auch noch meine Reste an Bergereine verstrickt. Dafür habe ich  438 g/ 833 m verbraucht, es waren fast 9 Knäuel, die ich verstrickt habe. Allerdings kamen (Geburtstagsbedingt) acht dazu ;-).

Nächsten Monat gibt es wohl etwas mehr zu berichten (und ein paar mehr Fotos).

Although its already late August, I add an entry for July 2017. I was offline for most of the last weeks because of holidays, and my mobile also decided to take a dive in the dog’s water bowl. It is working again (more or less)… .

There is not much to tell from July, as there was quite a lot going on for work, and not much time was left for knitting. And nothing much happened in the garden either, as the weather was rather variable. But I keep figuring out what works and what does not work in my new garden.

I still managed to knit a top, another Call it Spring, and I used up most of my leftover yarn Bergereine. I used about 438 g/ 833 m, nearly 9 skeins. Eight skeins were added, for birthday reasons ;-).

There will be more to tell next month, and there will be more photos.


  1. Campanula by Nicola Susen
  2. Comodo by Nicola Susen
  3. Catty Corner by Nicola Susen
  4. Evasion. I just had to cast on something that involved a bit more than stockinette.
  5. Fantomas (I finally settled on a pullover for my husband! Knit from Coast and Supersoft, held double)
  6. Stripey blanket, using up some rather old yarn that I inherited

NAPs (needle adjacent projects, ready to be cast on as soon as something else is cast off – thanks to the Stockinette Zombies for this definition)

  1. Hexagon by Nicola Susen
  2. Hanne by Nicola Susen
  3. Wee bluebells by Kate Davies

On the radar (high up in my queue)

Nothing really – there are too many WIPs for my liking that first need to be dealt with. And I need more socks and scarves/shawls for the winter. I expect it to be a bit colder than what we were used to 😉

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  • 1. Helen  |  August 20, 2017 at 22:00

    I know nothing about the winter in Switzerland, except it is probably colder than where I am in the northeast (ish) of England. Anyway, I hope your phone will last a bit longer – mine is playing up, even without the help of a dog bowl!

    • 2. streepie  |  August 22, 2017 at 11:49

      Average monthly temperatures for December, January and February are below freezing for the Zurich area, so I expect it to be cold (or at least colder than what I am used to). Nights are already quiet cool now, although the days are still very warm.

      • 3. Helen  |  August 22, 2017 at 22:15

        That is cold!

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