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October 1, 2017 at 15:22 3 comments

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Irgendwie kam das Septemberende etwas überraschend – ich war der Meinung, der hätte mindestens noch eine Woche ;-).  Das es Herbst ist, ist nicht zu übersehen – die Blätter an den Bäumen verfärben sich, und es gibt überall Kürbisse zu kaufen (leider aber nur wenige Äpfel, des späten Frostes wegen hier in der Gegend).

Diesen Monat habe ich mir zwei kleine Tücher gestrickt – ausreichend, um sie einmal um den Hals zu wickeln, und damit genau richtig für diese Jahreszeit. Verbraucht habe ich dafür 265 g/ 752 m, 4 Knäuel gingen raus.

Im Garten sind die Tomaten inzwischen alle abgeräumt (der Braunfäule wegen), die Chilis und Bohnen reifen noch. Und es gibt sogar noch vereinzelt ein paar Erdbeeren.

Somehow I did not realise that September has already ended – I thought there was at least another week left 😉 . It is noticeably autumn now – the leaves are changing colour, and one can buy pumpkins everywhere (but only few apples, due to the late frost we experienced in spring). 

This month, I knit two small scarves, just big enough to wrap them around the neck once, and perfect for this season. I used up 265 g / 752 m of yarn, 4 skeins left the stash.

In the garden, I took out all tomatoes (because of blight), but the chilis and runner beans are still going strong, and producing fruit. And we still have the odd strawberry.

Some autumn impressions:



  1. Captured Colours by Chrissy Fletcher (Stitched-Together)
  2. Blaufuchs by MonaLykaina
  3. Campanula by Nicola Susen
  4. Comodo by Nicola Susen
  5. Catty Corner by Nicola Susen
  6. Fantomas (I finally settled on a pullover for my husband! Knit from Coast and Supersoft, held double)
  7. Stripey blanket, using up some rather old yarn that I inherited

NAPs (needle adjacent projects, ready to be cast on as soon as something else is cast off – thanks to the Stockinette Zombies for this definition)

  1. Captured Colours by Chrissy Fletcher (Stitched-Together)
  2. Hexagon by Nicola Susen
  3. Hanne by Nicola Susen
  4. Wee bluebells by Kate Davies

On the radar (high up in my queue)

Socks and fingerless gloves for the winter. But no decisions taken yet.

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  • 1. Helen  |  October 1, 2017 at 21:31

    Ich habe auch Erdbeeren 😊. And I can’t quite believe it is October either.

    Sorry to hear about the blight. I was going to take my tomatoes out today but I would so much prefer them to ripen outdoors, I’ve decided to leave them a few more days since it is still warm, although wet, too.

    • 2. streepie  |  October 2, 2017 at 13:42

      I felt sorry for the tomatoes, too, but once they have blight, it’s much better to remove them, as the spore of the fungus causing it stay in the soil.

      Enjoy your tomatoes as long as you can – those that are able to ripen outside will taste much better than those that have to ripen in the house.

      • 3. Helen  |  October 2, 2017 at 17:00

        I agree about the ripening outdoors. And even if they are not completely ripe, they are ready so much more quickly indoors if they are orange rather than green when they come in!

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