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Im November zog langsam Normalität ein – und ich bin mal wieder in der Weltgeschichte rumgegondelt. Deshalb gibt es diesen Beitrag gibt es mit Verspätung aus Seoul… Irgendwie häuft sich alles am Jahresende.

Ich habe im November nochmals zwei kleine Tücher gestrickt, sowie eine Mütze. Der Winter hat Einzug gehalten, wärmendes ist also angebracht. Allerdings ging nicht ganz so viel aus meinem Vorrat raus – die Mütze und ein Tuch sind jeweils aus einem geribbelten Exemplar entstanden. Den Schal habe ich geribbelt, weil mir die Form nicht gefiel, die Mütze wurde geribbelt, weil sie zu gross war. Dementsprechend habe ich im November nur 115 g / 422 m aus dem Vorrat verstrickt, ein Knäuel ging raus. Rein kamen gleich 9 – ich brauche dringend eine neue Winterstrickjacke. Die Jacke, die mir in Frankreich den ganzen Winter ausreichte, ist für das Zürcher Oberland nicht warm genug.

Im Garten herrscht jetzt Winterruhe, pünktlich zum Winteranfang ist alles von einer (wenn auch dünnen) Schneeschicht bedeckt.

With November, normality returned – and I am travelling around the world (again). This entry comes to you (with a bit of delay) from Seoul. I knit two more small scarves in November and a hat. Winter has arrived, and it is quite useful to have something warm to wear. I did not make a big dent in my stash, though, as one shawl and the hat were ripped out and knit again. The shawl, because I did not like the shape of it, the hat because it was too big.  Thus, I only used 115g / 422 m of yarn in November, 1 skein left the stash. And I added nine – I urgently need a new cardigan for winter. The one I was wearing in Paris when it was cold, is not warm enough for the “Zurich highlands”

The garden is dormant for winter, and covered by a sprinkling of snow.


  1. Gloves (simple straightforward “vanilla” gloves)
  2. Owls by Kate Davies (but as a Cardigan, with steek)
  3. Siar-Westward by MonaLykaina
  4. Blaufuchs by MonaLykaina
  5. Campanula by Nicola Susen
  6. Comodo by Nicola Susen
  7. Catty Corner by Nicola Susen
  8. Fantomas (I finally settled on a pullover for my husband! Knit from Coast and Supersoft, held double)
  9. Stripey blanket, using up some rather old yarn that I inherited

NAPs (needle adjacent projects, ready to be cast on as soon as something else is cast off – thanks to the Stockinette Zombies for this definition

Socks and fingerless gloves and hats for the winter. Decisions to be taken soon.

On the radar (high up in my queue)

  1. Hexagon by Nicola Susen
  2. Hanne by Nicola Susen
  3. Wee bluebells by Kate Davies

The view from my hotel window in Seoul

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  • 1. Helen  |  December 7, 2017 at 05:51

    No snow in Seoul then!

    • 2. streepie  |  December 7, 2017 at 06:29

      It snowed last night, but it was just a sprinkling of snow that has since melted.

      • 3. Helen  |  December 7, 2017 at 06:30

        I was wondering what the climate might be like!

      • 4. streepie  |  December 7, 2017 at 06:41

        Seoul (or Korea, for that matter) has a temperate climate with four seasons, like most of Europe. However, temperature differences are much more extreme, with the winters being cold and dry (with temperatures dropping down to -10 or even lower), and hot and humid summers, with temperatures in the high twenties and low thirties.

        Seoul is at 37,5º N, the same latitude as Sevilla, which has a Mediterrean climate. London can be found at 51.5ªN. The effect the gulf stream has on the European climate is amazing – it really keeps us warm.

      • 5. Helen  |  December 7, 2017 at 07:29

        Thanks for all this information. People in the US who follow my blog are astounded by how mild the climate is where I am… I’m certainly very happy about the Gulf Stream 😊.

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