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In 2010, we moved from a tiny hamlet outside Stellenbosch, in the Winelands of South Africa, to the countryside of the department des Yvelines, in the Ile-de-France. For seven years, we lived halfway between Paris and Chartres. Now we live in Switzerland, not too far from Zürich and Winterthur. The household includes myself, my husband, my daughter, one dog (once three) and two cats (once three).

I am a field ecologist turned science coordinator and science-policy liaison, with a deep love for the variety of life around me. I am particularly fond of mice and shrews, having most of my research life dedicated to them, but I in some kind of idiosyncrasy, I also adore cats. That they catch mice is a minor problem – they help me keep track of the species and population densities of rodents around me 😉

My spare time is mostly spent with knitting and organic vegetable gardening (now on a terrace in pots). I also do cook and bake – and try and teach my daughter all those skills. I have to travel quite a bit around the world, and by now know how to find a yarn shop in any city.

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  • 1. Vanessa Köster  |  November 8, 2010 at 18:14

    Schöner Blog! Und wie könnte es anders sein – es geht ums stricken, hihi.
    Ihr wohnt doch mittlerweile in eurem Haus oder? Und die Tiere sind doch auch wieder bei euch 😉

  • […] Norway), used – if at all – abbreviated patterns that relied on columns.  Blogger Connie Krug shared a beautifully reductionist German pattern, and, recently, knit designer Linda Marveng […]


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